About Us

Atheist Alliance of America is a national 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, tax deductible educational organization started in 1992. This makes us one of the oldest atheist organizations in the United States. We are a democratically run organization and our officers are elected by our Board of Directors.

Our Vision

AAoA’s vision is to transform society into one that values reason, rationality, honesty, clarity, and kindness. We actively promote atheism, naturalism, and the separation of church and state. We envision ourselves as colleagues, not competitors, in a rich network of secular organizations that seek to increase wellbeing and help people make better decisions.  We look forward to forging alliances as we equip members, affiliates, and the community with the tools needed to bring about human flourishing.

Our Mission

To develop and provide educational, advocacy, and community-building programs for atheists and atheist organizations located throughout the nation. AAoA and the leadership of our group hereby pledge our time and resources to further our movement.

Our Values

  • Reason: Reason and cooperation are essential to meeting the challenges that confront humankind.
  • Compassion: Human compassion and empathy are crucial to improving the human condition.
  • Purpose: The life that all creatures have is precious and has value, as this life is
    the only life we know we will have.
  • Empiricism: Our ethics and values are evidence-based. We rely on what we can sense and measure in the natural world. We make our conclusions based on the best evidence, and change our conclusions accordingly as new evidence becomes known.
  • Science: Science is the best tool we have for seeking truth and understanding our world.
  • Knowledge: We value knowledge and hold the endeavor to increase it as best we can in order to pursue the truths about our world to be one of the noblest efforts one can make; and any and all efforts to stifle or denigrate knowledge and learning to be immoral.
  • Progress: We believe in modernity and progress and the ability of humankind to develop a better world based on reason.
  • Freedom: We hold that all people have the inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; and that all people are entitled to freedom of conscience. We support the values outlined in the International Convention of Human Rights as inalienable human rights.
  • Ethics: We believe that ethics and morality evolve over time as we better understand our world and the consequences we cause in it. Do not intentionally hurt other beings except in self-defense.
  • Responsibility: We are responsible for humane interaction
    with other people, other animals and for the preservation of our habitable planet.

You can find out about our Board of Directors here and about our history here.